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Migrating from Macintosh to Windows its not a difficult things to do,when you know how to do it.
For work file (like word processing, spreadsheet or presentation program) mostly mac user already use microsoft office for mac, so its not make any different when you move the file from mac to windows.
The problem now is when you move your email message from mac to windows.
Ussually mac user,who use microsoft package, also use Entourage as email client. The problem now, there’s no option for import to Outlook common file (.pst), so its need a tricky step to migrate it.

1. Open your Entourage mail client and click your “inbox”.
2. Click your “inbox” folder, hold and drag to desktop. There you will find file name “inbox.MBOX”
3. If you had sub folder under your Inbox folder, please do the same step again to that folder.
4. Move all the .MBOX file to your windows folder
5. This the tricky part, you must find software call “Aid4Mail” (just google it) and installed in your windows
6. After installed. Open “Aid4Mail” software , then chose the convert option from .MBOX to outlook 2003 (.pst)
7. Then when finish, open your MS Outlook 2003 mail client, klik file -> open -> database file -> then point to file from converter
8. In your folder list, there will be one new folder call “imported folder” all you mail from mac will be there.

For your contact, you can export from entourage to tab seperated text.